"Tiogue School - Embracing our Learning Community...Developing Tomorrow's Leaders."                             

Important information:


It is essential for Coventry Public Schools' administration to communicate with families in emergency situations.


***Please remember that Tiogue and every school in Coventry, are designated as No Smoking Campuses. We have had several reports of adults smoking before and after school in the parking lot areas. We respectfully ask that no one smoke on our school grounds. Thanks for your cooperation.***



Congratulations Mrs. Hemendinger, Art Educator of the Year



Tiogue Teamwork



June 2018

-June 5, 2018 - Final Title One Family Event - Ice Cream Social with Hopkins Hill and Blackrock - event held at CHS 6pm

-June 7, 2018 - Grade 2 Field Trip to Mystic; Town Planning Mtg. at Tiogue, evening

-June 7, 2018 - Step Up Night - Middle School Info Session 6:15pm ASFMS

-June 8, 2018 - Field Day/Fun Day

-June 11, 2018 - Kindergarten Orientation for new families, 5:30pm cafeteria

-June 12, 2018 - Kindergarten Celebration for families, morning

-June 12, 2018 - Financial Town Mtg., evening 7pm?

-June 13, 2018 - Grade 5 Field Trip to Walwaloam Campground 

-June 14, 2018 - Final PTA Mtg. of the school year (3:30pm, time change)

-June 14, 2018 - School Committee Mtg., 7pm

-June 19, 2018 - Grade 5 Moving UP Ceremony, Gymnasium (invites to follow)

-June 20, 2018 - Final Day of Preschool

-June 21, 2018 - Half-day, final day of school; release at 11:30am

-June 22, 2018 - Construction begins at Tiogue; Former PreK, LifeSkills classroom areas




Help support a Tiogue Family

The money raised will go towards building a ramp and getting Ella a special chair for the lake. The shirts are $20.





Our Mission

  • At Tiogue School, we believe that students can achieve their personal best and become responsible and productive citizens by embracing all learning opportunities each day. 

Our Vision

  • A well-rounded education is the shared responsibility of students, parents, staff, administration, and the entire community.   We are all responsible to develop the whole child academically, emotionally, socially, and physically to become lifelong learners. 

Our Values

  •      Education begins at home; the relationship between family and school must be continuously nurtured.
  •        Inspire the ambition for learning as a continuous, life-long process for everyone, not just students.  Everyone must         challenge themselves as well as one another so we will all be productive citizens.
  •       All children can learn and deserve a quality education in which individual needs are met, exceeded, and supported.
  •        We believe that each child has a unique pathway to learning.  We begin where they are and facilitate their progress towards reaching their fullest potential
  •      All children deserve the opportunity to think, dream, believe, and achieve
  •        High expectations for all result in higher achievement
  •       We should prepare students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators in order to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

We are a Feinstein Leadership School